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Ski in Chile on a sunny day with lots of snow

Ski the World’s Longest Mountain Chain – The Andes!

The Andes Beckons all Skiers

Do you want to learn how to ski or snowboard? Are you a skier or a snowboarded? Either way – come ski in the world’s longest mountain chain. Skiing in Chile’s Andes Mountain is more than a sport; it is an opportunity to develop a profound and powerful relationship with these majestic mountains.

From the Capital city Santiago located in the central zone to the south of Chile, there are numerous ski centers offering a world-class infrastructure for skiers at every level from novice to expert. The mountain range offers an experience worthy of any fan of skiing and snowboarding. Depending on weather conditions, the ski season runs from mid-June to mid-September. The reverse season with the United States and Europe allows the most enthusiastic of this sport to practice it throughout the year.

Each ski center offers several hotels and lodges close to the slopes to ensure a good rest after a day on the slopes. You can find seasonal swimming pools, saunas, spas, local and international cuisines, just a few feet from the track.

What makes skiing in Chile so special? It is the stunning, unparalleled beauty of the breathtaking, majestic Andes Mountain range. You will be skiing or snowboarding in clear, blue skies with a bright sun and full daylight moon.

From Santiago, there is a wide range of ski centers just two hours from the capital city. The all-paved road is beautiful and take you into the heart of the mountain range until you reach the slopes.

If you are seeking an exclusive experience, there are helicopter trips that you take you straight to the slopes – a tour which is unique and unforgettable. The ski centers located in the south of the country offer views of volcanoes and native forests. You can enjoy a wide range of activities such as trekking, randonnée, canopy, mountain biking, natural hot springs, zip lines, and even Heliski flights.

If it’s your first time – don’t worry. Each ski center has excellent instructors who offer individual and group classes throughout the day. Learning is fun and for any age. There is no need to bring your own equipment – you can rent what you need with Explore Chile Tours.

 A visit to a ski resort is perfect for a family, a couple, or with a group of friends. The adrenaline you feel going down the slopes (for beginners or experts) is inexplicable.   

Let Explore Chile Tours help you enjoy the Andes mountains and be marveled by its beauty. Explore Chile Tours can help with all logistics including reservations, transportation, ski passes, ski lessons, clothing and equipment rentals. Skiing has never been so easy and enjoyable with Explore Chile tours.

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