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Vineyards producing Chilean wine near Santa Cruz in the Colchagua Valley in central Chile

The Chilean Wine Tour!

World class wine, pristine nature, and unbelievable gastronomy

Are you passionate about wine, pristine nature, and haute cuisine? If so, then Colchagua Valley in Chile is a region that you must visit. An ideal place for extraordinary wine and food the heart of the Chile’s central zone, where you will find the best wine tour in the country – and possibly the world.

Colchagua Valley is located approximately two hours (200 km South) from Santiago and has more than 25 vineyards open to wine tourism with various tours, wine tastings and restaurants. The Colchagua Valley rises at the foot of the Andes Mountains and reaches up to the Pacific Ocean. The region stands out for its high-quality production of red wines such as Carménère, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Malbec.

87% of the production is red grapes and 13% white grapes. The climate is Mediterranean with cool breezes coming from the mountains and clear skies. The favorable climatic conditions throughout the year make it a paradise for high-quality winemaking. You will find several lodging options with hotels for all tastes and budgets. There are many hotels that will allow you to live the dream of living inside a vineyard. Wake-up with views of a beautiful mountain range, sunsets and sunrises, along with vines that scatter throughout the vineyard. You can enjoy the best wines of Chile with a tasting menu next to the view of the vineyard.

The gastronomic offers are impressive with restaurants featuring world-renowned chefs. The variety of cuisine is incredible – ranging from national to international flavors.   

Do you want to learn about the world history of wine making?  Colchagua is home to 5 museums in which you can learn about the history of wine, local crafts, and the history of Colchagua. There are so many activities to enjoy as well – trekking, horseback riding, cable car rides, walks, hiking, guided vineyard tours, horse carriage rides through vineyards, picnics, bicycle routes, polo matches and more!  Each vineyard has distinct characteristics making each tour experience unique.

The people from Colchagua – “Colchagüinos” are known for their kindness, and friendliness. The Colchagüinos warmly welcome travelers from around the world, making visitors always feel at home.

Montes vineyard, Santa Cruz, Chile

Are you interested in visiting the Colchagua region?  Any time can be a special trip. However, the months of March and April are an especially important for the wine valley. It is the beginning of the harvest of wine grapes – known as the harvest festival. This great ancestral celebration is in commemoration of the harvest, one of the most important phases of winemaking. The grape harvest festival is celebrated with traditions related to the countryside such as grape treading, typical gastronomy, and wine tastings. During the harvest festival, you are allowed to walk through the streets with a glass of wine.

Colchagua is truly a rare and beautiful place with activities for any age and inclination. It is also a place to experience tranquility which can only be found here. When in Colchagua – time stops. Live the experience in all its splendor with a glass of wine in hand while you enjoy a food pairing in one of the great restaurants in the area.

If you dream of knowing the best vineyards, restaurants, and living the unique experience of this beautiful wine tour, Explore Chile Tours can help you!

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