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San Pedro de Atacama

2 nights, 3 Days

Explore Chile Tours takes you to discover San Pedro de Atacama, the driest desert in the world. San Pedro de Atacama is the center of the “Atacameño” culture. The Inca Empire, in its desire to expand, managed to control these lands by forcing people to adopt to their customs and their worship of their god, the sun. It has various archaeological sites and a profound cultural legacy. San Pedro de Atacama is filled with unique natural landscapes between valleys, desert, salt flats, geysers, lagoons and volcanoes.

Due to the long hours of sun, a hat and sunscreen during the day is recommended. During the day hiking shoes, jeans and a light jacket us fine whereas at night, a heavier jacket may be needed.

Day 1

Arrival at El Loa Calama Airport (CJC)

Transfer to the Hotel La Casa Don Tomás. The trip lasts approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes (101 kilometers).

13:00: Welcome Lunch at Casa Don Tomás

14:00: Tour Laguna Cejar

Enjoy floating on top of salt water as you are marveled by the incredible view of mountains and volcanoes. During this private tour your guide will explain the attractiveness of the surroundings. Before returning to your hotel, you will enjoy premium cocktails and sacks with beautiful views to contemplate the sunset.

Photo of San Pedro de Atacama mountains

18:30: Return to Hotel

20:00: Astronomic Tour* (Subject to availability due to weather conditions)

San Pedro de Atacama is home to the clearest skies on earth, ideal for star watching. Tourist from all of the world come to San Pedro to observe our galaxy and dream of another world. Our observatory located in Ayllu de Cucuter (away from light pollution) is home to 6 professional telescopes and expert guides that will teach you about our beautiful skies as well as the Andean and Incan worldview. Astronomic photos are included.

22:00: Return to Hotel

Photo of San Pedro de Atacama mountains
Photo of hotel room at Casa Don Tomas El Refugio
Photo of grounds at Casa Don Tomas El Refugio

Day 2

7:30: Rainbow Valley Tour

You will learn about ancestral memories such as Cave Art, and petroglyphs made by the ancestors. You will visit the Rainbow Valley as well as the Town of Yerbas Buenas (petroglyphs). Includes buffet breakfast: Baguette bread, croissant, mini sandwich, ham, cheese, avocado, delicacy, jam, butter, dessert samples, natural cake, oatmeal cookies, fruit skewers, hummus and more! Herbal tea, regular tea, coffee, milk, sugar, chocolate powder, diabetic sweeteners.

Photo of Rainbow Valley

12:00: Return to Hotel

15:00: Tour of Valle de La Luna (Moon Valley)

Get to know the incredible amphitheater, the three Marías, Duna Mayor and Ckari viewpoint! This tour contemplates a journey through the impressive Cordillera de la Sal, where a geological phenomenon is observed, which gave rise to impressive mineral sculptures modeled by the wind and rain.

Photo of Valle de La Luna

18:30: Return to Hotel

20:00: Dinner in Restaurant Adobe

Undoubtedly one of the busiest and must-see places in San Pedro. This restaurant stands out for its exquisite dishes of Chilean food, products from the altiplanic zone and international cuisine.

Day 3

5:00-5:30: Tour of Tatio Geysers

Tatio Geysers are a volcanic geothermal field located 89 kms from San Pedro de Atacama. These are the highest geometric field in the world, where you can observe how water and steam sprout out abruptly from the earth. Tatio Geysers are located 4.200 metros above sea level.

Photo of Tatio Geysers

13:00: Lunch in La Casona Restaurant

Traditional and old San Pedro de Atacama Restaurant located on Caracoles street in the historic center offers with its international level chefs typical Chilean food and with vegan and vegetarian options and with varied preparations.

14:00: Rest time

18:00: Transfer to El Loa Calama Airport (CJC)

21:26: Flight from El Loa Calama (CJC) to Santiago (SCL)

Photo of San Pedro de Atacama mountains


  • 2 nights stay in Hotel Casa Don Tomas El Refugio
  • 5 Private Tours (Laguna Cejar, Astronomic Tour, Rainbow Valley, Moon Valley, Tatio Geysers)
  • Premium cocktail and snacks during all tours
  • Round Trip Transfer from El Loa Calama Airport to San Pedro de Atacama

Pricing (Chilean Pesos)

1 Passenger
$2.200.000/per person
2 Passengers
$1.150.000/per person
4 Passengers
$825.000/per person
6 Passengers
$750.000/per person

Terms and conditions: 100% of the reservation must be fully paid to confirm the tour. Bookings may be canceled up to 95 days before arrival with a cancellation fee of 25% of the total amount of the stay. All monies – after the cancellation fee – will stand as credit for future bookings. No reimbursements. Bookings may be cancelled from 89 to 60 days before arrival with a cancellation fee of 50% of the total amount of the stay. All monies – after the cancellation fee – will stand as credit for future bookings. No reimbursements. Bookings cancelled 59 or less days before arrival:100% cancellation fee.

  • 3.5% surcharge on international cards
  • Subject to availability
  • Prices subject to change until reservation is made

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